• 如何提高彩印包装的品质
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Color printing packaging plays a very important role in the sales of products. A good outer packaging can attract the attention of consumers, thus promoting the generation of purchasing desire. Therefore, it is particularly important to improve the quality. How should we do when designing it?



1. Trademark or brand: trademark or brand is the main component, which should occupy a prominent position on the whole.


2. Packaging shape: the appropriate packaging shape is conducive to storage, transportation, display, and product sales. Therefore, shape is an indispensable combination element in color printing packaging.


3. Packaging color: color is the component element of stimulating sales in color printing packaging. The color combination of highlighting commodity characteristics can not only strengthen the brand characteristics, but also have a strong appeal to customers.


4. Packaging pattern: the pattern in the packaging is like the picture in the advertisement, its importance and indispensability are self-evident.


5. Materials: the choice of materials not only affects the cost, but also affects the market competitiveness.


The above methods can not only improve the design sense of color printing packaging, but also have better practicability. A good packaging product is not only reasonable in design but also convenient in use, bringing more profits to enterprises and saving production costs.